I wanted some art work for my daughters room so I dug out her 20 week scans. Scanning the photo in at high resolution and then working with it in photoshop, i created a unique piece of art that is now displayed in a white frame. The image is 20x16 inches and the colours i chose match her pink, green and white bedroom theme. It also means that i can display her scan photo without it fading, keeping the original safe and sound with her keepsakes from my pregnancy and her early days. If you would like a piece of art like this to celebrate your pregnancy please drop me an email with which colours you would like and dimensions of the image for a quote.



I often get asked to design tattoos for people. Tattoos are very personal and I'm honoured when i get asked to design one for someone. I like the watercolour tattoo ideas and currently have a few ideas running around my head.

Here is a design i have for sale. It can either be a tattoo or incorporated into a logo design.

Currently for sale at £35.


It has been a long time since I last posted on this page and over the last 2 years I have been busy, and have not been able to dedicate any time to graphic design work or even my photography which I have missed greatly.

I am delighted to share with you all my latest news. I'm now 36.5 weeks pregnant and officially on maternity leave. I am still doing a few jobs to keep me busy until our little girl arrives. Over the next year, between feeding and nappy changes, I am hoping to pick up where I left of with my design work.

If you would like any adverts or logos done please do get in touch and I will fit you in.

Here is a little advert I did (English and Polish) to celebrate the announcement of our upcoming arrival:

You may recognise this logo that was for sale recently:

We were contacted by Tatkresiwok Alaskan Malamutes, who saw the logo and gave me the following brief:

"Our kennel name is "Tatkresiwok" which means full moon in Inuit. It is to go on our van which will be wrapped in forest green. Could you change the grey area behind the malamute to a full moon, and rotate the dog so he is in more of a howling pose and change the dogs eye colour to brown."

Here is what we came up with, offering both a blue version and the grey version to contrast the forest green of the van, Jill and her husband picked the blue design:

"We asked Sammy Taylor if she could create an Affix decal for our van. We saw on her website an excellent one. So we asked if we could buy it and change a few things. This is the result and we are VERY happy with what she has done. Thank you Sammy"

We would like to say a huge congratulations to Hayley and Jason on their first home-bred champion, Nebbie.

Whilst in Scotland, showing my own dogs, i captured some photos of Hayley and Nebbie after they gained their final Challenge Certificate required to become a UK Champion. Hayley then asked me to create an advert for her.


The design idea came together using inspiration from the daisies they had their photo taken in, it was like a carpet of them! I then added the stars and nebular in the background as a nod to Nebbie's mother, Rumor, adding stars, sparkles and bubbles to celebrate this dream come true moment.

We couldn't be prouder of Nebbie, and I'm sure her mother is looking down with pride on what this girl has achieved.

An Alaskan Malamute logo, will suit malamute kennels, or dog businesses.

Available for sale and available to make changes to suit your requirements.

Please contact us for more details.

Price - £50 includes minor changes and all files.


The client had lost the original files to their logo and were looking for a simple re-drawing of it. We used those opportunity to add a little detail, whilst the logo can still be embroidered with no detail on it, the extra contouring on the dogs could be used for any other stationary. The guidelines set out were the dog type and their layout was to remain the same and the colours used.

Original Design


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