You may recognise this logo that was for sale recently:

We were contacted by Tatkresiwok Alaskan Malamutes, who saw the logo and gave me the following brief:

"Our kennel name is "Tatkresiwok" which means full moon in Inuit. It is to go on our van which will be wrapped in forest green. Could you change the grey area behind the malamute to a full moon, and rotate the dog so he is in more of a howling pose and change the dogs eye colour to brown."

Here is what we came up with, offering both a blue version and the grey version to contrast the forest green of the van, Jill and her husband picked the blue design:

"We asked Sammy Taylor if she could create an Affix decal for our van. We saw on her website an excellent one. So we asked if we could buy it and change a few things. This is the result and we are VERY happy with what she has done. Thank you Sammy"