Earlier this month I designed a logo for Fuelled by Aloe​. Occasionally, instead of payment for services, I offer a trade of trades to the value of what I am designing. I promised I would also try and blog the progress of how it goes too so here goes:

Some of you know that I have very bad eczema on my left foot after a chemical burn. Having tried everything to help clear it, Julia contacted me to help with a logo design and we discussed possible options about my foot. Sometimes it is so painful it leaves me limping where the skin has dried and cracked (despite regular moisturising) and walking on it is like walking on broken glass.

This week i received my goodies in the post. A Propolis Creme and Forever Aloe Berry Nectar. The aim is to treat the problem from the inside out whilst keeping my foot moisturised.


The Propolis Creme is wonderful, smells amazing and is so silky smooth and cooling. I had to apply extra as my foot absorbed it right away. The creme is thick, unlike a lot of other cremes i had tried and a little goes a long way.

Today i tried the Nectar, the smell is a little off putting, and i am starting slow and building up to the amount recommended. starting at 30ml (half a shot glass) i just pinched my nose and necked it back. Most of the flavour is in the smell, the texture is a little interesting too, but not awful, there is no real after-taste unlike some health drinks i have tried before. Advised it tastes better when it is cold, it had been in the fridge overnight, and being cold certainly helps it go down easier. Overall, texture and taste is something i will get used to, and it is all for the benefit of my poorly foot.

Julia is very helpful and knowledgeable. I love the Aloe products so far and glad to try something natural instead of trying to use harsh medication to combat the eczema. What is also great, is that the Forever Aloe products, come with a 60 day guarantee.

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