We have recently completed a very exciting project for Infury Sled Dogs. our client (and good friend) contacted us with an idea he had. We have a phone conversation and ran through some ideas.

Challenges of the project was the sheer scale of the work being completed. The design is to be printed on a long wheel based van, both side panels and the rear doors are to be printed. This involves designing the decals to fit within certain panels on the van, especially on the passenger side where there is a sliding side door and a window in the side door. It also means that part of the design could be covered when the van door is open. To avoid this, the design on the passenger side is smaller than that on the driver side. This also means at dog events, the passenger side will be parked facing away from the general public, and the larger, more impressive side will be viewed by passers by.

Other challenges were designing the dogs, especially the white Canadian Eskimo Dogs to stand out on a white van. Placing these at the rear as "Wheel Dogs" means that they will be against the main background of the image and easier to see.

We are delighted that Matt is very happy with the design and the likeness to his dogs and their personalities have been captured. We can't wait to see the design finished and printed, but as we can't wait to show everyone, here are the mock-ups of the design.



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